Via 135 - Problems, blocked since "update", just blocked, no use possible

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My tom tom via 135 blocked since the update, with the msg "no map location", only on/off and always appears this msg, I pressed the power button for a few seconds and appeared a screen with the settings of the appliance, make, model, type, ram , manufacturer, etc, but then does nothing. Right now I can't use the via 135. Also downloaded the my drive connect and the pc/program does not connect with tomtom, in Device Manager the pc doesn't even show up, but you will hear the call sound off/on , but nothing more happens. The supposed update that blocked the tomtom was the only time he connected to the pc, when I installed drive connect. I got the Windows firewall off but nothing has changed. I've looked online drivers for via 135 but have not found, maybe because I have no experience of these things. Help please?


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