Why has my Tom Tom Cardio Touch Strap Broken so many times in less then a year

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Hi guys

My Tom Tom watch (Cardio Touch) was purchased in December 2017. Today I have just submitted another request for my 6th strap replacement.

They tear or rip or break at different areas. I am a stay at home mom and work out once a week. i only remove the strap to charge the device and wash the strap in plain water with a soft brush.

No one at tom tom seems to be concerned and just keep sending replacements.

I just cant believe this is just me after number 6?

everyone at tom tom has been helpful and polite but no one will answer my question?
Why have I had to replace my strap 6 times and am i the only one?


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    As far as I have seen you are the only one. People need occasional replacements but 6 in less than a year means you are doing something to the strap. I would stop washing it and particularly brushing it. Just give it a quick rinse after a workout if you must. When taking it on and off do not yank on the strap, pull it gently to the desired tightness then snap it in place, which puts less stress on rubber. At some point they are going to cut you off on new straps (in December when your warranty ends).

    I hope this helps answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Your response is helpful.
    However I am very gentle with the strap (I am very aware of not wanting to break another one) and if the strap is made of URETHANE it should be highly chemically resistant so my sweat and water should not affect its durability.

    It seems to be breaking at the co-moulded points (where two materials join together) the urethane and hard plastic. So in my opinion its either due to weak design (sharp corners tearing called stress risers) or its due to bad moulding processing which unfortunately is now my problem as I have been weeks without a watch every timetime.

    I bought a watch without knowing it would only be usable for a year because the watch strap quality is inferior to be used as an everyday item.

    If it was a chunky watch I'd not care, but you pay alot of money for the product soto expect quality back.