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Triathlon option on TomTom Adventurer

HpcaiadoHpcaiado Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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For when an update to a triathlon option??


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,816
    Never. TomTom Sports went out of business almost a year ago and ceased all production and development. And even if they hadn't there was never an intention for this to be a tri watch. TomTom specifically chose not to go after triathlons with this watch in the interest of attracting a wider audience who cross trains in multiple sports (the fact that the three sports happen to be in the triathlon is coincidence, not intent, they are the three most common non-team fitness activities). It was intended to be a MultiSport to allow users to train for the individual activities. It does not have open water swim, so it really would not work well anyway. If you want a watch that does full triathlons with transitions, etc. you will need to purchase one of the higher priced models from another company designed and advertised for that purpose.

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.
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