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Black screen on my Blue and Me 2 after attempted update of maps

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I bought a 2015 Fiat with a Blue and me 2. It was working fine, except the maps had not been update by the previous owner. I was not supplied with a cable so I called customer service and she told me the cable model number to buy on amazon. I purchased the one she said, checked that the model number that she said was the one on the TomTom cable that I received and tried to update my TomTom. It didn't fit right but I had read in researching it that you can hold it and it will update. Given that it seemed impossible to get the right cable I decided to try that. It was showing the maps and everything and just kept disconnecting so I gave up. And the screen was black. I thought it was dead so I plugged it back into my car, and it still wouldn't show anything.
Then I did more searching and found on Tom Tom Canada that I needed a different cable, which I then ordered on amazon. It plugs in, it updates, it shows on my connect as a device. It shows that is has the new map that I put on it. But the screen is still black. I have tried resetting it multiple times and I hear the drums and nothing happens. I attempted to do the rebooting procedure described here
and nothing.
Did this customer services person who gave me the wrong advice fry my screen? It seems unlikely that plugging it in even with losing the connection would do that.
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