TomTom Go iPhone features/map update

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I am wondering if the tomtom Go mobile app for the iPhone will be updated soon. It hasn’t been updated for over 5 months and is falling behind it’s competitors. There are some new roads close to where I work that haven’t been been added or updated. I am also wondering if any new features are planned to be added. I pay for this, once great navigation app, but there isn’t much difference between tomtom and free navigation apps offered by other organisations. Thank you.


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    Hi LaxGeorge,

    I think that all users of iOS GO Mobile are wondering whether the app will ever be updated again, see my post Why is MyDrive apps (iOS) developed more than GO Mobile App (iOS)?

    As for maps, well they can be loaded and updated without the need for a new app. Have you looked at TomTom's Map Share Reporter website? The MSR website will have the most up-to-date details on roads and may already have those roads. If it doesn't you can use MSR to report the new roads and then hopefully the next release of maps will have the updates.