Which is the best TomTom to buy for route planning?

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Hi All,

I want to buy a Tom Tom. I need to be able put a route into the unit (via the unit itself and computer).

I am a bus driver and sometimes are given 'runs' to do with very short notice. I must tell the unit which streets I will turn. I DO NOT want the unit to plan a route for me.

The unit must have a substantial memory, as we have around 150 routes to travel, each run goes for up to 40 kilometers.

Could you please advise which is the best unit for me to buy.

Thank You.

Walter Warawa


  • Lucify
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    The current tomtom devices use the same software so it does not matter which device you choose the route calculation will be similar.

    Unless you are looking for a specific camper or a truck device for which there have been some routing complaints.

    I use a GO wifi 520 which gets me to my locations with good traffic information.
  • dmulv
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    I've not used it myself, but I believe all of the current devices can import GPX/ITN files using MyDrive Connect (the software installed on a computer used to manage the device).

    These files define a fixed route, which I think is what you're after.

    More details in the manual here.
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    I use GPX files quite frequently to upload tracks to my TomTom Go app.

    There are lots of external software products, online routeplanning sites or apps that allow you to plan and design any type of route you need.