Using Spark 3 watch with sensor from Giant?

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I just purchased a brand new Giant Defy Pro Advanced 2 bike. I tried to take all the TomTom accessories from my old bike but lost a couple of pieces. The Giant dealer suggest that instead I use their RideSense sensor. But will my watch work with that sensor? I don't see TomTom mentioned on any compatibility list, but the Ride Sense offers both Smart Bluetooth and Ant+.
I don't have the Ride Sensor yet, but wanted to see if it will be compatible when I pair it with my TomTom Spark 2 watch.


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    Most BT+ devices should work, but some work better than others. As long as it is a BT+ Cadence/Speed sensor (some people have been able to get single sensors to work, but dual sensors seem to work better) it is theoretically compatible. TT cannot test every device out there so you will have to try it and see. I would make sure you can return in case it does not work.

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