TomTom Home compatible with Mac OS Mojave?

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Is TomTom Home compatible with MacOS Mojave (10.14)?

I'm asking because Home is a 32-bit app, and Mojave may have issues running 32-bit apps.

I'm using Home, which is the latest version as of the time of this post.


  • jes77uk_un10
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    I have had a message from Apple saying that in future they will not support 32bit as they are about to use 64 bit. Will Tom Tom provide a 64 bit software for Mojave in the future.
  • Penn
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    Any response to the above two posts, TomTom?
  • dvwk
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    I have had the same message. What is the answer or are we no longer to update on modern Apple devices???
    This question was raised in Oct 18 and still no answers!!!!!
  • Dennis_P123
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    I too get this message when opening TomTom Home. I'm using Mojave 10.14.6

    Are TomTom actually going to rectify this situation, or are they going to do what most other forum/comments people do, ignore their PAYING CUSTOMERS?

    TomTom may be good, but they are NOT the only sat-nav guys on the block! (Understand, TomTom?)