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GO MOBILE android- No more voice instructions or warning sounds while driving.

Ropie58Ropie58 Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
Hi Guys,

I have the TomTom Go installed on my Samsung Note 8; App version: 1.17.5 release/1.17 (2128), Chard version 1015.9098 (Western Europe). My problem however is rather peculiar.

When I set a new address to go to, the TomTom Go voice is telling me my ETA. So, at that moment, I expect to receive my audio driving instructions and warning sounds while driving. But strangely enough, that doesn't happen. Checking my settings, I see that in the menu both my speaker- and my voice icon are NOT muted; there is no diagonal line drawn through these icons. The voice is installed and the audio channel is set at "Music channel" (default).

What am I missing here?

Hope to hear from you guys.




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    Unfortunately this is a common problem (my setup has suffered several times). It's very variable as well, so never quite sure what has fixed it. In the past, changing the units from automatic to, say, km, quitting the app, restarting the app, change back to auto, quit, restart, seems to work most times. But not always....

    I'm usually stuck with no sound anyway, because I usually turn on Bluetooth on my phone (see other threads for discussion of this ongoing issue)
  • Ropie58Ropie58 Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    Thanks for your reply. In the mean time I discovered the answer again that was given me several years ago, after me asking the same question here on the forum.
    It has to do with your Bluetooth settings. Once you install your phone in your car and connect it to the car's Bluetooth to be able to make and receive handsfree phone calls, you have to do the following. (BTW - the answer is the exact copy of the answer I received back then):

    "As I like to listen to the radio, I solved this issue by editing the Bluetooth settings on my phone. It is a work around, but for me it did the trick. The TomTom app will in my case use the phone speaker. Mind that you won't be able to play music from your phone over Bluetooth to your car audio system.
    To change the phone settings in Android 7 (or later): Go to settings, connections, Bluetooth.
    Behind your car connection you will find an additional settings symbol. Open your Bluetooth settings in which you there must disconnect your "Media-audio". This way the TomTom app will give you back its voice directions and warning sounds again while, at the same time, you can still make and receive your calls handsfree.


  • SinglePointSafetySinglePointSafety Posts: 55 [Supreme Trailblazer]
    Thanks for this - much appreciated
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