Request for audible Ding when auto-rerouting.

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I have my TomTom GO 620 to automatically re-route. It does this but without any kind of sound or notification. Sometimes this causes you to miss the re-route and not be on an ideal route.

If you switch it to ask you everytime, yes it makes a sound, but requires further input from the user. Often it's not convenient.

Can TomTom add in a notification ding to automatic re-routing ?


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    If there is a closed road ahead, navigation automatically finds a route without warning. Especially when setting a new route. if accident happen ahead or a roadwork or anything while you set a route it will warn you.
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    tt via 53 will not auto reroute journey
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    bertshaft wrote: »
    tt via 53 will not auto reroute journey
    Why not ??? All of my Tomtom devices do....