Displaying POI's on map in MyDrive on a Windows 10 PC

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No problem loading POI's to my new Go Camper device, every works brilliantly. On the device I select a POI, can see a list of the locations, and can click on the icon to see the POI's displayed as an icon on the map. Brilliant. But, someone has told me I should be able to do this on the mydrive program on my computer. it seems to do everything else just like on the device itself, but when I click on a POI name nothing happens, I just get the two icons to the right to import it again and delete it.
So, are you supposed to be able to see a List of the locations in a POI, and then click an icon to see them on the map, In the PC version of MyDrive please?



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    The Method/Workaround I use....
    Syncing POI locations to the MDW Route planner & displaying on the Map

    Stage (1)... On the device
    On the NAV4/5(Wi-Fi)Device
    Tap the 4Dot (.... Menu) --> MyPlaces... Select a POI Category e.g... National Trust
    The Main search area turns blue and "National Trust" is offered with a flashing cursor
    Continue typing the name of the required "National Trust" site, Type dud(maston) (Or as much of the word that's required for Dudmaston Hall appear at the top of the National trust list
    Tap on Dudmaston Hall... A Quick Menu opens... Tap on the 3Dot Icon... Add to my places
    Rename the MyPlace or Tap 'Add' to accept the offered Name
    Dudmaston Hall is synced to the MyDrive Web Route planner

    Stage (2)... On the MyDrive Web Route planner
    Open MyPlaces... Left click on Dudmaston Hall
    The MDW Map zooms into Dudmaston Hall
    Right Click On the blue Dudmaston Hall Icon

    If you are starting a new Route you're offered....
    'Use as a Starting point'
    'Plan a Route'

    If the Route is all ready started you're offered....
    'Add a Stop'

    1st choice... 'Use as a Starting point'
    Next choice... 'Plan a Route' (Destination)
    Finally... 'Add a Stop or Stops' as required

    I tend ignore the Menu that opens... And simply Left or Right click on the Blue MyPlaces Icons

    May need to occasionally edit/tidy the MyPlaces list

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    Thanks ATB YFM, I will have a go tomorrow.
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    Imported POI locations should be visible within the MDW environment. Period.
    Prefferably with an on/off switch per POI set. Otherwise they are useless within the MDW webbrowser tool other then the device import/export function.

    This function should have a very high priority on the devlist.
    MDW should be/become the MAIN planning tool. Devices are just for execution and last minute changes when operations demand.
    Please TT make that focus change otherwise Google Map will have killed your business within the next 10 years.
    Oh and the app, great future. Let ppl decide what hardware to use it on. Drop the damn TT devices. They are old and slow before they are sold.
    Damn Dutch pride.