Upgrade SD card size for GoLive 825

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Today i have a 4GB extra SD card in my GPS. As I have several maps (Europe and Africa) in the GPS there. So I bought a 8 GB SD card. My first idea was just to copy the content on the 4GB SD to my new Win 10 computer and then move it to the new 8GB. Do not work as windows dont find any files on the SD card.

So next to use was TomTom home software that can do this by backing up the files. Again problem. TomTom home say navigator not connected but in same time TomTom drive connect are connected. Windows system log contains this (translated from swedish)

The application-specific permission settings do not provide Local permission Enable for the COM server application with CLSID
to the user DESKTOP-80M0U59 \ impfo SID (S-1-5-21-294548188-1147137439-178236062-1001) from the LocalHost (with LRPC) address running in the program container Not Available SID (Not Available). You can change the security permissions using the Component Services Administration Utility.

So how can I easy update the 4Gb SD to my new 8Gb SD? Any


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    The 825 uses MyDriveConnect, not Home. A 8 gb card is, in my opinion, too small. Get a 16 gb SanDisk brand for the device.

    In MyDriveConnect's Settings (tap the country flag on the screen to get to Settings)-->Download tab and empty the cache.

    Connect the device with the 16 gb card to the computer with MyDriveConnect running and see if the map is offered again.
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    Upgrade memory size to 32 GB micro SD card on GoLive 825

    Today I bought a SanDisc 32 GB micro SD card. Not so bad price.
    In TomTom drive connect I checked what was installed on my current 4 Gb SD card. I recognized it was western Europe map package. In the menue chose remove. The unit says upgrade and after one minute it says map removed.
    Still i own the map at TomTom so its not gone, its just removed from the SD card.
    Now shut down the GPS unit . Remove the current SD card by removing the lid named TomTom on navigator (on/off key and connector down). Press on the micro SD card and slowly remove the card. See direction of card.
    Start the GPS unit. Install the new SanDisc SD card. On the display on the navigater pops up text the new card has to be formatted and everything on the card removed. Its a new blank card. Pressing Yes. It takes around 2 minutes then its ready. Check the navigator are connected to the computer. Go to TomTom drive connect. Select the in my case western Europe map package. Press install. This will take ages. First it took nearly 30 min for it to download the image from TomTom to my computer, and I have 100 Mbit fiber?. Then it takes nearly 40 min to transfer the image from the computer to the unit by USB. Now i have 32 Gb memory on my navigator and everything is working. Now I can start buying new maps as there was no space before.