Loss of speed camera

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I seem to have lost my speed camera warnings ? according to my satnav there are no speed cameras on the m25 or M1 !
I have tried a soft reset and a hard reset. I've also uninstalled the speed camera and reinstalled, no joy. I've also deleted again and installed just UK and still no joy ??


  • taurean
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    I have also lost my cameras, not all and not all the time! If I reboot my device on some short journeys they will be back, but if I input a long journey I lose them or most of them sometimes possibly one may be shown. If I then cancel this route and input the short route again the camera that was shown previously will have disappeared.
    I have been on to TomTom and they suggested soft reset, hard reset and even a total wipe which they gave instructions on but none have cured the problem.
    This all hapened after a map update.
  • DamageMe
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    Yeah it's a general issue but to speed cameras.i have 6250 and I have this problem after I update my speed camera 1 month ago...the patch was bugged and now all cameras are imprecise