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TomTom Via 1525M Memory Card

I just recently purchased a TomTom VIA 1525M and after watching a youtube video, I found the SD card. But I can not see how one would be able to pop it out. I am not sure if it is a doable feature. When I view the system "about", it shows that I have 1.76 GB internal memory available. It also shows an option for "Format memory card". So I am a tad bit confused on this issue - do or do I not have a slot for an external SD memory card ?? And if so, How do I insert it etc ?? Thank you.


  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,892

    TomTom use a proprietary format for their memory cards so you need to allow your device to format it, once that is done you will be unable to see what is on it.

    Also see my guide
  • marthajmarthaj Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Thank you for responding. I had found the videos you provided and realized that I had visually misinterpreted what I had view concerning the GPS! All is well now ! I appreciated your response.
  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,892

    Glad that was helpful
  • ladyclyneladyclyne Posts: 1 [Novice Seeker]
    What type of memory card should I buy for my VIA 1525M - purchased in USA
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    Hi @ladyclyne

    A Micro SD Class 10 memory card of Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make from a reliable source to avoid possible fakes. A 16gb or Max 32 Gb card recommended and if as a result of a map update you finish up with no map on the internal memory then contact Customer Support and ask them to allocate a small map that when you load it will go on the internal memory. Once loaded just leave it there it is to help avoiding a No Map Found or Available in the event of a problem whilst downloading map updates. Having the map on the internal memory helps the unit start up so you can sort the problem out.

    I note from your profile you are in the UK. As a result of buying the unit in the USA Traffic will only work there as it is tied to the region of purchase. If you would rather it works in the UK in future try contacting customer support and seeing if they will change the Traffic Region to Europe.

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