Lack of adding features, even ones removed, is really pathetic

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I dont want to make this a very sad story, but here we go:
  • Why can’t you sync routes with the MyDrive app or the website ? Next week I have a trip to France and I want to drive a specific route to avoid Paris. The only work around I see is creating entries in My Places, so cutting up the route into sub sections. Pathetic.
  • Bluetooth support. HERE We go, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Sygic all are able to play voice instructions via a BT connection to your car audio. Why is this so hard ?
  • Download parts of a map. For me its Europe or nothing. So thats 8-9 GB.
  • Show a list of traffic jams etc like Sygic. Saves you zooming in and out. Impossible while you are driving.
  • Why is there a limit to My Places ? Looks like the maximum is 30 ?
  • Add specific POIs to the traffic/side bar.
  • Carplay support. When can we expect this ? In two years ?
Maybe a tip: hire more SW developers.


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    Not sure TomTom have any software developers left, but if they do, they can't even answer basic questions like why their devices keep sending us down single track country roads.

    As for some of your other points:-

    MyDrive does sync, at least it does with my GO6200. Also, the GO6200 and probably the GO5200 as well have an option to just download individual EU countries (I have the UK & Ireland map only on my devices as it downloads much quicker, being only around 1GB).

    Traffic jams should show up on the side bar and if you have the wide route bar enabled, it tells you how far away they are.

    I didn't know there was a limit to My Places. You can create list of (presumably unlimited) favourite places in third-party programs like Tyre and ITN Converter, which can then be imported into MyDrive. A small quirk - the places created in MyDrive or on your sat nav are displayed in alphabetical order, whereas any created with third-party programs are displayed in order of distance, the closest being at the top of the list.

    Don't know anything about the other points, sorry.
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    BrianE wrote:
    Not sure TomTom have any software developers left, …
    They have and they are developing a new software for Android ... for iPhone, I hope so.