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map error reporting

tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
edited January 2019 in Map quality
I have recently come across the situation where I am planning a route but the planner sends me around the block and refuses to use the obvious road. How can I report this error


  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    You could probably use Mapshare Reporter, but don't expect your suggestion to be implemented quickly (it can takes months at the very least).c204d2aa-2365-49bb-ab1b-309dbe3dc4b4.jpg
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    where do I find this map share reporter.
    Do I have to stop and report this at the location while on a ride?
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 547 [Exalted Navigator]
    Just click on the link I provided above. You access Mapshare Reporter via a browser on your PC.
  • KexKex Posts: 2,874 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    Hey @tugman, would you be able to provide more details, such as the location and an error description?

    Does it look right in MyDrive (meaning, can you plan a route from A to B the way you would expect)?

    Link to MyDrive
  • tugmantugman Posts: 337 [Revered Navigator]
    Hi Kex
    Sorry but I have just look and can not find the location as I had replanned the route. If I come across it again I will report it now I know how.
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