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since a few months my watch's screen is going blanco all the time and I have to move the button or put my hand on it to wake it up and see the time. Is this normal? It did not do that before.
Also if you look closely on the numbers, it looks like LEDs are missing or something. Numbers are not complete anymore. All this started a few months ago. No problems before.b4e866a6-ff42-47a9-bf7c-df06cdc63cc6.jpge988e79e-6b04-468b-a607-a963d037a930.jpg


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    Hi teedek,

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    I couldn't find your watch details in the system, have you linked your watch to the email address? Also, I would advise you to make a reset on your watch first and see if it improves the situation or not

    Otherwise, please get in touch with our customer support and they'll be able to handle this for you. You can click on 'Contact Us' option under the support section at the bottom of this page to do so.

    Cheers, lampard
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    I have a similar problem. For me, the reset did not help. Return to factory settings also does not.
    Now all screen points are on. Nothing can be read from the screen. The watch itself works. Counts steps, synchronizes with phone. But from the watch itself, I can not read or set anything.
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    Yeah, same as with mine. But as I got it as a birthday gift, I'm now trying to find out amongst friends who has got the receipt as I need to send it back. It can be under warranty they say, but can also be 95 euro's if not... so when will I know it is or it is not??? My girlfriend sended her polar back half a year ago because of the bracelet breaking. She got a new one the week after. And also I'm hearing a lot of good things from the Garmin Instinct watch, so I'm gonna buy that one I think. It's just annoying, I want a watch that works all the time (does not needs to be charged so much as well.. every two days I have to charge this watch) and not one that is breaking down. So this one lasted one year... for 299 euro's you can do better right TOMTOM?? shame... My instagram and FB followers will know that's for sure!