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tomtom rider 450 music on the headset during navigation

kevinh61kevinh61 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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does anyone know how and if I can have music on my headset whilst using the rider 450 ? can do it using just my phone , but with the rider on no music , annoying when doing a long trip abroad


  • AndersNordhAndersNordh Posts: 276 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hi, what is your headset brand and which model is it?

  • ChrisHallChrisHall Posts: 256 [Exalted Navigator]
    Storing and playing music from the Rider 4xx is not possible. TomTom have never offered this feature as far as I know, despite the fact that the Rider 4xx is running Android, making it an easy addition.

    Most modern helmet headsets have multipoint Bluetooth which allows connections from 2 and sometimes more devices simultaneously.

    I have my Rider and iPhone paired with an Interphone F3. I can hear voice guidance and music through it. The headset and phone support the AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Bluetooth Profile so I can control the playback of music with the phone in my jacket.
  • kevinh61kevinh61 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    hi anders
    headset is scala rider freecom 2
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