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No autosync with my phone and neither any notifications on my watch. 2 straps broken in 8 and 4 mont

YakifpYakifp Posts: 4 [Neophyte Traveler]
Hello all,

My issues with the software started on May 2018. After the update to 1.7.64 and the app Sports (I did both at the same time) I have lost the auto sync function.

What does this mean? Before when I turned on my phone, the watch paired my phone directly. Now I need to start the app.
When I open the app it says searching the watch, even if my phone's notification bar and the watch say they are connected. I must change the sync option from auto to manual to "force" the connection. As they don't connect automatically, any call or message received is not reflected on my watch. Before I didn't have this problem.

I tried to solve this issue doing a factory reset and deleting all the connections with my phone and pairing them again from zero (I deleted the app from my phone too). It didn't work. On July I did a full wipe to my phone and installed all again. No expected results showed up.

Never arrived this before.

Chqnging of subject, the straps are really awfoul. The original that comes with the watch broke after 8 months. On may 2018 I bought a second strap via Amazon. 2 weeks ago it broke too and I started a refund request that was accepted. It was the last strap originally from TomTom I buy.

I add some pics with the details of my phone settings and how they are supposed to be connected but don't.


  • YakifpYakifp Posts: 4 [Neophyte Traveler]
    [h3]"VERSION 1.7.64[/h3]Released on 6 March 2018 This update applies to: Adventurer, Runner 3, Spark 3
    • We’ve resolved an issue that, in a few cases, could prevent the watch from pairing with a phone."
    ...and my watch doesn't sync automatically anymore...

    Why don't you release all the official firmwares in the TomTom web and let us to choose the firm we liked??? I was so happy before... :/
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