M60 Average speed Camera's not in database

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These Camera's have been active for several months , how come the database hasn't been updated to show these changes ?


  • Brian LOL
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    Hi I travel the M60 reasonably regular between M6 Toll and M56 and noticed the same issue. Although some cameras have a small sign "camera not in use". However I agree lots of the traffic works now have active average speed cameras and they are either wrong or non existent on the speed camera service.

    This is a definite issue and could also be related to the "Speed cameras bugged in newest update!!!!" topic

    On a related topic how do we report average speed camera's ? Could be just me but I cant find the option to indicate its an average speed camera as opposed to a static camera.
  • MrTD
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    These cameras were in the data base however some thing seams wrong with speed cameras full stop not just M60, I travel that motorway plus M62 M6 M1 and the cameras are no longer showing on any of these roads but if I do a drum roll restart they will pop up on the map for a second then disappear I have been wanting to record it but I do not have some one in the vehicle with me to hold the phone.

    Speed camera warnings have deffinately got a problem