Tomtom Rider 450: share internet from Nokia 8110 4g

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I have a new Nokia 8110 4G, which I use as a long battery life device to share internet.

It shares internet over both WiFi and Bluetooth to all my other devices such as laptop and tablets with no problem. Unfortunately my Tomtom Rider 450 doesn't want to be connected to it.

It shows a message that device is unsupported.

It would be great if my Nokia 8110 4G is supported. Thanks.


  • AndersNordh
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    Hi "mrded",

    Are you sure Nokia 8110 4G supports BT tethering allowing connected BT devices to share the 4G Internet connection? I have found indications on the web that it doesn't ... and if that is so, then the TTR450 does not connect successfully.

    Have a nice evening,

  • mrded
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    Hi "AndersNordh",

    Nokia 8110 4G does support WiFi tethering for sure.

    Looks like you're right, It supports only WiFi tethering. I'll raise that question on Nokia's forum then.