traffic suddenly dropping out G0 60,

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I have a TomTom G0 60 and it's always been fine but the last few weeks it's been losing the traffic info during trips (displaying the grey car with an x) and it just doesn't come back until I restart the satnav, obviously this takes several minutes to reboot so it's a big problem unless you're on a motorway with plenty of time before the next exit. The bluetooth is connected, my phone is receiving data, the MyDrive account and speed camera updates are showing as connected, but for some reason traffic just stops working until you do a restart. I have tried resetting the satnav, back to factory settings, but it doesn't seem to have helped as it's just done it again on my journey home from work. Traffic is the main reason I have the thing...I don't usually use it for new destinations that I don't know. So it's becoming a significant annoyance. Any ideas??? This problem did not start with any particular update as far as I'm aware...just came out of the blue.


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    My TT Go Pro 6200 does exactly the same thing. Very annoying. I'll be interested to see any responses.
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    Got a GO 6200 having exactly this problem one year plus on. Paid a lot of money for lifetime traffic built in - now 90% of time it isn't working. Seemed ok until first update. Factory reset does not solve problem, but it is fine when connected to home wifi. So until I drive anywhere I can see traffic. Once I'm underway, 90% of journeys within 15 mins of home it stops. Anyone got any clue why this is happening. Also TomTom where is your customer service all I can get is reams of automated responses which tell me nothing of help. Cannot recommend device or company based on this experience.
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    Hi TomTomWasteoOfMoney and welcome to the Forum.

    Have you contcted the Support via Mail or Phone?
    At the moment there are several cases in Germany as well.
    The german support resets the simcards and then it seems to work again.

    Try it with a Call to the Support.
    United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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    Thank you Lochfrass - it may be me that's dumb but I've been unable to find a support mail address or phone number that I can call anywhere else. I'll give this a go tomorrow and report back.