How do I get my Go 6200 to repeat spoken directions?

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I can find no way to get my Go 6200 to repeat spoken directions. This makes my so called top of the range device which I have just bought utterly useless to me. Can anyone please advise.


  • YamFazMan
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    [h3]Using Voice Control....[/h3]If the Last instruction is still live
    Say "Hello Tomtom"
    Device replies "I'm Listening"
    Say "Whats the next instruction"

    [h3]Using List View....[/h3]With a route Planned and Displayed....
    Tap the Top Info Bar for the 'List View'
    Tap the 'Back button' to return to the Map view (Back button is screen top left)

    [h3]Also, the 'List View' is semi-live[/h3]When you are driving, if you tap the top info bar....
    Your present location is at the top of the list, the 2nd item on the list is your next Instruction

    This can also be useful in Town/City When entering the next road, you can alternately tap the 'Top Info Bar' and the (Back button screen top left) to dip in and out of the list

    It's not very useful halfway down a long Motorway, but if you dip in and out of the list, it does give the remaining distance to exiting the Motorway