Can you store both maps and routes on a memory card?

I have a TomTom Go 5100 with lifetime updates. I use this mostly in a classic car to store routes, partly because the odometer on the car doesn't work and I haven't got round to having it fixed.

TomTom Connect doesn't see the memory card (SanDisk Ultra 32 Gb), presumably because I use it to store routes.

The latest map update (Europe only) is too big for the internal memory of the device and takes forever to download before telling me it's too big, even with Russia removed. I get the option to not update certain elements, but without knowing how big they are, I can't work out which ones to remove. I could store the maps on my memory card but I use it to store routes...

Why can't I store both maps and routes on the memory card - or can I?
Why can't I see my routes within Connect?


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 293 [Superuser]
    Hi @CDTom5100

    I have the GO5000 and like you have the problem of only having 8GB internal memory if you want to use the Routes Option.

    You have to have the Map that the routes are related to on the Internal Memory and the Routes on an MicroSD card in the external memory slot.

    My solution is to Load the smallest map available which is Europe with Scandanavian Buildings. This does not have as many European Countries but certainly the vast majority, if not all, of the ones I would expect you to need. If when you load this and then delete all the Voices except Serena you will have a Map on the units internal memory and still have 400mb of spare internal memory available which is what TT recommend you have.

    With you Routes card inserted in the External memory you should be able to do what you require.

    Ultimately if the maps become any bigger unless TT give an option for smaller maps we could lose the Routes option. The latest TT GO units have 16gb of internal memory.

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    Thanks @DougLap

    Yes, it's becoming a bit of a management nightmare! It seems we're being forced into built-in obsolescence. I would have thought it would be relatively easy to create separate areas on an SD card for storing system data and user data - after all it's only a different area of memory... Anyway thanks for the assistance! May your internal memory always be big enough and your roads traffic free - both about as likely as each other!
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