MyDrive traffic not show after update

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After the update back in the middle of August my smartphone with MyDrive traffic on it will no longer show traffic and construction it still shows my location and traffic and construction works fine on my 620 gps and the so show being connected to my Bluetooth, if î type the address into Google chrome it works fine but it will not work of the icon that comes with the download for MyDrive


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    The same thing here. The MyDrive app version 2.3.0 on Android does not show traffic delays or construction. It does tell the delay in minutes to a destination, but will not show the actual location of the delays. It does transfer the data to my GO 50 and it shows it correctly. This makes the MyDrive app useless as far as looking for traffic delays on your phone before you get in your car. One image from web(much traffic), one image from app(no traffic).ee7c0047-bcd3-4aed-a45a-92fabedb2b8e.jpg71d1b37d-34df-4bf9-9081-d184c31f403c.png
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    That's exactly the same thing i have it has rendered my Mydrive almost useless the only way it shows the icon with the time is if i am zoomed in pretty tight, thanks for confirming the problem to this point support has been a disappointment!
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    This is the exact same problem I have encountered after updating to iOS 12.2. Previously, traffic would show up on the app. Now it is not showing up.
    I deleted and reinstalled the app with the same results.
    An guidance to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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    Obviously tomtom doesn't care after the make the sale every time they do an update Mydrive quits working so it'll probably be the last time i spend the kind of money that i spent on this 620 on this particular brand name ! !