How to activate TomTom live services?

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My yearly subscription to my Trucker 6000 has expired. I`ve wanted to renew it and i thought it was a simple step towards that. Nothing was further from the truth.

In one of the e-mails i was told that i have to connect my TomTom via MyDrive Connect to activate the purchased services. First i`ve made sure that both, the software and sat-nav are up to date, then i`ve tried connecting it to my PC. All i get is this message:


Download the latest updates directly on your device.

Use Wi-Fi to get the latest updates directly on your device. Alternatively, use MyDrive Connect to share your computer's internet connection.

Very frustrating as there is no other option to avoid using ONLY the WI-Fi. I just want to see the damn device on the list there next to my GO5100.

Has anyone managed to update the Trucker 6000 via USB cable from their PC?