MyDrive log-in is faulty in various browsers

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Could be me but tonight logging in to MyDrive is irratic to say the least.
After logging in the little login screen stays on screen empty and all white. When the map is clicked is seems one is logged on. When entering Favorites and deleting a POI the system logs the user out and we can try again. After logging in again the deleted POI is indeed gone.
In short with every action I do withing MyDrive I get logged off .... in IE, Chrome and Firefox.

Just a heads-up.


  • Jan.
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    Still the same today, MyDrive keeps logging me off while saving a POI or track. Logging in gives erratic bahaviour of the small log-in screen. And different MyDrive "pages" show me logged off and on at the same time.

    Refreshing browser, closing and opening app, different browsers, all the same.

    Please roll back .........





    When I log in and the login screen stays white and empty and the app/browser is frozen [3rd image], I refresh the browser and it comes back with the login screen poping up 3 times [all white and no text/empty] and I am logged in again.
    It does this every time.
  • DanielForniesSoria
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    Dear users,

    We've been experiencing issues in the infrastructure where our apps are deployed.
    We've been in touch with the infrastructure supplier and it should be working fine now, but we are still testing/verifying it.
    These issues are not related to our applications themselves, so a rollback to a previous version wouldn't solve anything.
    Apologies for the inconvenience, and please let us know if the issues still occur.

    MyDrive Web Team.