How to update buit-in TomTom Navigation in Renault Master 2012

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I have a build-in TomTom Navigation in a Renault Master van 2012 with an SD card on the right. The unit is factory-mounted on the ceiling of the cabin.

I'd like to update but I am totally clueless how to get started, so I have a few questions:

• How do I update maps on this TomTom system? (don't know type or anything)
• Is this part of Live Services?
• Why is Live Services saying it can't connect? Must it be updated before it can be used?

Anyone a step-by-step "manual" on how to proceed?

See photo for system info



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    Which system have you got? It will display on starting either Carminat or R-Link. I think it's most likely Carminat.

    The SD card will have software to be installed on your computer. Install it then start updating - you will need to setup an account, just an email address is needed. If it's Carminat, new maps are bought from TomTom, if it's R-Link, from Renault and they are very expensive from Renault.

    There will probably be a problem with Live Services - they disconnect the SIM card after a couple of years without use and I'm not sure how or if you can get it re-activated, you will have to contact Customer Support in NL. Navigation is not part of Live Services, the Live Services are a feature available to support navigation, but the navigation will work without it, just doesn't warn about traffic.
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    It seems to be a Carminat 2.0 Live ...

    Navcore older TomTom Carminat (not Live) starts with
    Navcore TomTom Carminat 2.0 Live starts with where 9.845 is old.
    Navcore for RLink and RLink Evolution starts with or above

    The newest Rlink use NNG (iGO Primo NG) with TomTom Live-Services and TomTom Maps.



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    my reault master has been off road for over 2 years and my sd card needup dated
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    Hello @sneddy1 ,

    welcome to the TomTom-Community ;)

    Could you tell us more Details of your Device, please?

    Modell (Carminat or Caminat 2.0 Live)?
    Manufacturing-Date (Year) of your Car?
    Navcore-Version ( or, not Map-Version!)

    First of all, make a manually Backup of your SD-Card on your PC/Mac!!!

    Use TomTomHome-Software to Update your System/Map.
    You have to create a TomTom-Account (eMail-Address is needed) an register your Device to it