Route selection by TomTom

Etienne Monas
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I frequently plan a route to a smaller place in the countryside. Very often TomTom creates a route that brings me off the main road early and guides me to my destination via narrow, poorly lit roads along ditches while a perfectly well equipped road is only a few hundred meters away.
Is there a possibilty to make a preference to use main roads as much as possible? I only see shortes route, fastest route etc.


  • Berty007
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    Love this included to this is the reason I use Google navigation over Tom Tom, desperately needs avoid Country and c roads to many times taken me down rediculusly narrow lanes when there's better alternative options.
  • BrianE
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    TomTom have known about this problem for years and say they don't know how to stop it happening. Pathetic really; surely all it needs is an option to avoid unclassified roads or conversely, to only choose A/B roads and motorways?