Change of Home Country on Tom Tom Website Inquiry

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Does anyone know if there is a way that I can change in my personal profile what country I live in on the Tom Tom website? Currently it says that I live in the United Kingdom which is incorrect. I am not seeing any options at this point where I can change this myself.


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    Call support tomorrow, David. They can do it for you:

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    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST
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    I made the phone call today. Tom Tom Support informed me that the country cannot be changed, and that I would have to create a new profile. I have a feeling that I will have to come up with a different e-mail address too at the time since my original e-mail address will show to be in use.
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    As you are in the US you should not be affected by European GDPR legislation,which TomTom seem to be hiding behind to not change account details :(

    I have queried this with a TT staff member, and await reply
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    @DavidDPU I'm curious about something. Do you receive traffic on your device? In some threads its been speculated that traffic is tied to your home country rather than the area of device purchase. If this is correct, then since you are "known" to be a resident of UK, you wouldn't receive traffic in the US.

    Anyhow, if countries can't be changed, sounds like deleting your profile and starting all over is the way to go.
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    What started this whole process was that I had an older model XXL550 which could no longer go through updates, and subsequently it came to the point where it would just not turn on. I am now waiting on a new GO 520 (US-CA) from Tom Tom, and this is where I ran into issues with my country of residence. My older unit did not cover traffic, but I believe the new unit will if I am not mistaken.
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    Hi @DavidDPU

    Did you already create a new account?

    Because if you wish to continue using the same email address, you can request TomTom to delete you account and then you can re-create it selecting the country you want to.


    Vikram :)
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    At this point I have not done anything since I am waiting on the new navigation unit to arrive. I did not want to complicate that issue since the order is tied to my e-mail address already , but this sounds like a good idea.