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When I select a person in my contacts, I Always get the message 'Multiple adresses' (may not be well tranlated - my system is working in Dutch), so I cannot use this person as destination. I a sure that this person is only once in my contacts (gmail) and has only 1 address. Can someone help me please? Many Thanks.


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    This problem is really irritating as I was getting the same issue. I was checking various websites but finally, I checked and get the solution for this issue. You can also take a try by contacting them. It may help you.
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    You can take help from the as they have helped me out from this particular issue. so, you can take a try and hope it will work for you.
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    This is what works for me:

    This is what works for me on Both TomTom apps and Sygic and Sygic INCAR

    Hotel Berdorfer Eck

    67/68 Rue d'Echternach, 6550,LUX

    Hotel Bosch & Zee

    8 Nehalenniaweg,4357,NLD

    1.Number of the Street address
    2.Street name
    3.Zip Code
    4.Country in this format

    I have found that there was no need to put the city at all or spell out the country name.
    Make sure you put a comma after each part of the info

    Now You might have the addresses in 2 places:
    Your Email addresses and on the phone itself.

    So when you make the changes on the email addresses it does not effect the ones on the phone.

    So what I did was to remove my account from the phone and tablet.
    Then deleted the phone addresses because there are still there.
    Now turn off the phone and tablet.

    Then on my laptop I went to the contacts and fixed all the address to the format shown above.

    Then turned on both my tablet and phone and added my email account back it.
    It takes a minute or o so all the contacts to show up again.

    Now after I have all my contacts back I would pick on of them from the address book and tapped on the address.
    You then can pick the GPS app you want to test the address with.

    I have tested this on about 15 different contacts and they all work with the GPS apps I listed above.

    Then you can add the contacts to your phone contacts so Bluetooth will work with you hands free car radio.

    Then you will have both email contacts working and be able to have your hands free contacts working.

    Please note that this works for about 95% of the addresses.
    Of the ones that do not work with TomTom they work with Sygic.
    The same for what does not work with Sygic works for TomTom
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    Thanks for the answer. I removed all the double adresses and reloaded them (I have an own database of adresse and the vcf-records). It is ok now. Strange that the contacts-apps on android and on pc did not show double addresses, only TomTom dit that.
    Case closed. Thanks again.