MapShare Upgates not Working

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I'm from Australia and have owned both a TT Go 62 and 6200 for 18 months and during that time there have been 6 map updates but not one single MapShare download.
Has TomTom given up on MapShare downloads? and if so, what excuse are they offering, given that MapShare downloads were once a frequent happening?


  • Rubach
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    I was missing mapshares for the European map... although just for a short period....
    What fixed it for me (after a talk with my local customer support) was a factory reset of the device. I suggest U call your local customer support through the link below and explain your problem, most likely they will suggest the same solution and they can guide U through the process.


    TomTom Customer Support Australia
  • BrianE
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    I've stopped accepting mapshare updates because they quite often seem to cause problems with receiving live traffic afterwards. No idea why that should be, but it's too much hassle to have to keep resetting and reconfiguring my GO 6200.