Misreporting mobile speed cameras (UK)

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There seems to be an increasing trend of people misreporting traffic enforcement cars parked alongside motorways as a mobile speed camera.

Just to clarify - these cars are not there to catch speeding, and are not equipped with speed cameras. They're only there to deal with traffic accidents and assisting emergency services like the police, but they don't have the powers of the police.

They're also jolly helpful people, with one saving my bacon when I was side-swiped by a foreign HGV on the M25 :open_mouth:


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    ... and in Germany these are not speed cameras but the Toll Collect surveillance.

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    But this is a French speed camera (maybe also for trucks)
    as compared to the normal ones
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    ...and this definitely isn't one

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    ... And, in France, this is not a big kennel for big dogs, it's a speed camera. :relaxed:

    It is mobile, it can be moved. Be careful, in the middle of a lane with double traffic it flashes in both directions.

    A speed camera, called construction site or autonomous, with 5 days of autonomy and that can be positioned elsewhere than on a road works zone.
    There are just over 200 in France and the government wants to put 400 by the end of the year.

    "Radars de chantier"
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    New "Yellow Vulture" speed cameras are being rolled out in the UK.
    They work 24/7 (Day & Night) The technology has such high-definition imagery it can tell if you're using a Mobile Phone, Not wearing a seatbelt, Eating, Smoking i.e... driving while distracted

    Here... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/new-yellow-vulture-speed-cameras-15153021

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    In France these are to be positioned soon along the roads, on poles more than four meters high, the "beast" has a high resolution camera at 36 million pixels (the highest resolution available on the market) and new generation flashes to read number plates perfectly.
    This accuracy allows the Tourelle to control the speed of thirty-two vehicles at the same time. Its exceptional abilities also offer it the possibility to catch the red lights jumpers, forbidden overtaking, the non-respect of safety distances, on the phone while driving, the absence of seat-belts ...

    You have been warned, roll-out starts November :(