GO 6200 not charging in dock

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Hello. I’ve owned my 6200 for 24 hours and used it in anger today. Whilst in use I got the low battery alert. It was docked at the time in the windscreen magnetic mount, powered from the cigarette lighter in my car. Power clearly wasn’t reaching the unit but when I removed it from the mount and plugged the lead directly into the device it was fine, taking and holding charge.
any words of advice? Is the mount faulty? Or perhaps the contacts on the rear of the main device.

Many thanks.


  • Niall
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    Contact Customer Services to arrange a replacement mount, as your description describes a faulty mount.

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    Just check that you pushed the Micro USB plug fully home into the Mount, sometimes they can be a little tight for the first couple of uses
    Were you using the supplied Tomtom adapter or one thats already in use in the car

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    Thanks both. I believe it must be faulty so will return to point of sale tomorrow to give them the chance to remedy.
    It is the supplied adapter/mount/lead - all out of the box. Repeated checks as to the engagement of the lead leave me certain it’s a faulty item.

    Thanks again.