How do I get TomTom to activate Live services.

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I received a reminder that my live services subscription was about to expire in April this year. They offered me a renewal at a reduced price of £39.96.

I purchased the renewal order number 407xxxxx98 and followed the link to install the services. However the link sent me to an installation of Voices, which I hadn't purchased; there was no sign of my Live Services.

After much fruitless searching, which kept inviting me to purchase the services that I had already bought, I found a reference which said I didn't have to do anything except connect my TomTom GO Live 1005 Camper & Caravan and the services would be automatically installed.

This didn't happen but when I checked my device, I found that my existing services far from being about to expire ran until 31/10/2018 (remember I was doing this in April!).

As there was some time before I needed to update and the fact I had already wasted a significant amount of time trying to resolve this issue I left it in the vain hope that my services would automatically install as the existing services came to the end.

Now we get to my question. Will TomTom update my Live Services to 31/10/2019 for me?

If they will, how do I go about asking them (email preferred)?

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    Hi Rex

    Welcome too the community!

    I have asked someone in the customer service to fix the subscription on your account, so the 1 year gets added when the present subscription ends.

    You have a TomTom GO LIVE 1005, so Traffic and Speed Cameras will get updated over the air when driving. You don't need a download link for these services to work.

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    Great. Thank you very much.