Altitude on TomTom Runner 3 is upside down

Jarek L
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When I see my trace from the watch eighter on computer or mobile app or even after tarnsfering data to Endomondo I see that altititude is upside down. When I run uphill on trace I see that I'm running down and when I'm going back downhill latitude is going up.
I'm suprise nobody noticed that.
Any software update is planned to fix it?


  • tfarabaugh
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    That is not the case on my watch or account, and no one else has noted it, are you sure you are reading it right? Since TT left the sports market almost a year ago, laying off all staff and ceasing all development it will not be fixe (particularly as there is likely nothing to fix). I would call Support and ask them about it, it may be an issue with your account.

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