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Crash on Android 9 Pie : timeout of the track draw ?

sebchausssebchauss Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]

As explained in a different topic, since I've updated my Pixel 2 to Android 9 Pie, the TomTom Sports 10.0.2 app is crashing.
See this topic :

I thought it was solved because several weeks ago it wasn't crashing anymore (so I closed the topic).

But I went on a trip in Japan and I've recorded the track of my hike on Fujiyama (7:00 h and 17,6km).

Once synchronized, the app started to crash again.

Since then, I've recorded some "small" other tracks of runs and synchronized on another phone.
The Fujiyama hike is not displayed anymore on the start screen and the app is not crashing anymore.

I noticed that, when the app was crashing, the green tracks were never displayed before each app crash. I think that the problem is probably a timeout of the draw of "big" tracks.


Any update planned ?


  • sebchausssebchauss Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Hi again,

    Please note that even if the app doesn't crash on start up, it crashes if I try to see the detail of the Fujiyama hike or other "big" tracks.

    Hope it helped
  • sebchausssebchauss Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Hi again,

    I think that the "big" tracks that are crashing are long recordings in duration and not necessarily long in distance.

    In example :
    • 20,35 km / 5:45:14 is crashing
    • 19,09 km / 5:00:31 is not crashing
    • 16,84 km / 5:35:47 is crashing
    So the point where the app crashes is between 5:00 and 5:35 (probably depending on the phone performances).
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