Serial number ? how to find on the via 53

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How do I find out the serial number of my TomTom VIA 53 ?
I expect to see the word "SERIAL" somewhere on the back of the unit. I do not. I see numbers and mixed numbers and letters, but which might be the serial number ?


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    Hi, @RogerLloyd ,

    I don't have a VIA53, but I have both a GO520 & a GO5100.

    At the bottom of these units is a small Label with a QR Code on it, next to the QR Code is a fairly long Number/Letter sequence, starting with 2 letters. This is the serial number!

    On my GO520, it is made harder by the fact that the Label is dark grey & I can only read it with an illuminated Magnifying Glass!

    However, I can also find the Serial number within the device!

    I ope up the Menu (4 dots), go the SETTINGS, then SYSTEM, them ABOUT. On the GO5100, the Serial Number is the 1st item displayed, whereas I have to scroll to the 3rd item on my GO520.

    Hope some of this helps with your VIA53!
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    Or even this video
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    Very many thanks for your help.