Why isn't this available

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When your driving its against the law to use your satnav i.e. mess about etc as you can get points same as mobile phone on your license in the uk.

However if you go past a mobile speed camera its asks you yes or no if its still there and wants you to press yes / no on the screen.

Yeah lemme take my hands off the wheel and do it. Not.

Why can you not say yes or no by voice at this point?

It's rather stupid and potential points for drivers if they get caught.



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    I think that the link in your post refers to Mobile Phones & Mobile Phones using a SatNav App

    See... Using a SatNav while driving

    See... Is your satnav system illegal? This is the law and what the Highway Code says

    Your not supposed to be driving if your distracted, so you may still be committing an offence by using your SatNav... But I don't think it would be under the same law as using the Mobile Phone while Driving/Riding

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    I appreciate what your saying but as its a warning that comes up as your near the speed camera mobile etc.

    It only gives you 20 seconds is the camera still there yes / no. before it clears. You have to take your hands off the wheel to press the yes / no to let other users know its still live. Not a good idea when driving but hey it ASKS you when your actually driving.

    It's not the best idea you take your eyes off the road action it or ignore it.

    Still comes back to, why can you not say yes or no by voice to reply to it.

    You are driving after all.


    Don't try to programme the satnav while driving.
    Programming on the move will take one hand from the wheel, two eyes from the road and a brain from driving. Always pull over before adjusting settings.

    Don't think that's possible on is the camera there still yes / no.