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Good morning, can someone please help me sync my runs from my TomTom Runner 3 to my Nike Run Club App please? my runs used to sync but now they wont. I upgraded from an IPhone 6 to a 7 Plus but now my runs don't sync. I tried the exporting feature but it doesn't seem to have the option of syncing to the Nike Plus run club app. is there anyway I can do it? please help. someone.


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    If Nike Run Club is not on the list of sports sites you can export to (NikePlus is included, is this a different site?) then you are not going to be able to export directly. In this case you can download a data file (in tcx or fit format) for each activity and manually upload it to Nike Run Club (most sites allow a manual upload). Go into the activity, select Share and under download select the file type you prefer. Save it to your computer and then import it into Nike using their instructions.

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