Problems with TWO tomtoms

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I have a older start 25 which have been working just fine.
Decided to buy new europe maps then the problems started.
MyDrive cannot install the map to the memory card (does not fit to the memory of the device). When it's 22% left from full download, it stops and starts again.
Result: Broken map.
Then it starts again, but second map does not fit to the memory card so it ends to a error.
Formatting card does not help.

Because I'm going to germany soon by car, I decided to buy a new tomtom, start 52.
I thought everything should work with this so I started to update it.
Everything was fine until, again, started to update the europe map.
Now it dowloads 20%, then stops, changes to 8% and starts again.
This has been going for 8 hours!!!!!

Could someone help please....


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    Do you think they can solve this?