TomTom XL Not Charging/Holding Charge

I own a TomTom XL, and although I have had this for nearly three years this Christmas, it has had very little use whatsoever.

Yesterday I went to Silverstone so dug it out for directions. I charged it for a couple of hours before going and had it plugged in all the time I was driving there. And it worked absolutely fine. When I came to return I noticed that although I had voice directions, the screen remained on Banbury no matter what I did to correct this.

I had it plugged in, and supposedly charging all the way back, but still no charge. Today I have had it plugged into my PC for around four hours, but if I unplug this it still shows an empty battery.

Although I have owned this for just under three years, it has had very little use whatsoever as I just don't drive anywhere that requires it's usage. I would conservatively estimate I have only used it between 20 and 25 times in this period. Nothing at all really.

Now I thought I would try and update this just in case there may be a software issue, But no! Apparently, updates are no longer available for my device model. And, to rub salt into the wounds, I have been offered another model, but they want over £200 for this. What an absolute joke.

Needless to say I am more than annoyed. I don't wish to spend that sort of money on another unit when I just don't use them enough.

Is there anything that can be done, other than binning it, for my current device?
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