Start 20 no longer recognised by computer

Mark Start 20
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Hi all,

I have a TomTom Start 20 which has been flawless for the last 6years.
Device APxxxxxxxx57 (0) (25.7)

Since January this year, i have been unable to get the TomTom to be recognised by any computer, in order to update the maps - although it does charge.
I have tried :
* changing the cable - including using the original cable!
* multiple Mac computers / Windows computers.
* restarting device while connected/not connected to computer
* restarting computers while connected/not connected to computer
* soft resetting the device
* factory resetting the device.

The little computer icon does not appear on the screen anymore, however when connecting with a cable to the computer the screen does state " charging battery".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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