TomTom Runner 3 power charging

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I have always charged my tomtom runner 3 using the connecting cable to the computer while doing the sybc. This summer, being away from home, for the first time ever I tried to charge it from the electricity socket: it starts charging and them, all of a sudden, after 10-15 seconds, it doesn't anymore and the time shows up again. I tried also to charge from a USB charger and again the same thing. Luckily I managed to charge it from a mobile phone using a little usb converted I happened to have. Is this normal or is it a defect of the watch?


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    What amperage power socket are you using? You could be overcharging it. Theoretically the watch should only take the power it needs but this may not be working right. If you think it is a defect call Support and they can sort it out.

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    Thanks @tfarabaugh. I live in the Netherlands so the amperage from the electricity socket should not be a problem and the external battery has a max of 2A. So I think it's a defect, like you suggested too, and I have already contacted the support.
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