TomTom Runner sync with Android 8.1

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I am running android 8.1 on my phone and my Tom Tom runner cardio is at 1.8.52.

The only way I can get this thing to synch after a run is to forget the watch in the app and then repair it.

Which is a really crappy work around. I don't understand how after this long you still can't get the watch to auto synch with my phone when it comes into bluetooth range. My 15 euro step tracker from china can do this. Why is it so hard?

Am I missing some undocumented fix? Both my wife and I have the same issue and we are about ready to abandon this watch for anything else.


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    TomTom left the watch industry last year and stopped all development so this is not going to change. May be time to move on.
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    Thanks for the reply. It explains why I never get any reply when I submit an issue with them.