How to Clear the Call history on the GO 620 with WI-FI?

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My TomTom GO 620 keeps a running tap of all my cell phone calls. I don't see a way to clear the history like I do on my cell. Is there an option or TomTom needs to add one to this device or the software in it?


  • turtle
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    HAve same question, thought by removing from my mobile would also remove from GPS?
  • Phil_Hooton
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    I too would like to clear the recent call list from my GO 620, how do I go about doing it?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Phil_Hooton

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    The call history or recent call list should only stay on the device as long as its paired to your smartphone.

    If the phone is unpaired and if you still see the list of your recent calls then I would advise that you do a soft reset[Press and hold the on/off button until you hear the drum sounds]

    Vikram :)
  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    From what I know, the device is just a mirror image of the phone. So your only options is to clear the call history on the phone.

    Regards, lampard