Can't buy Hong Kong map

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I have a Start 60 which I bought in Germany.
I live in Hong Kong and would like to buy a Hong Kong map but cannot.
Your online process - from your UK site - prevents me from buying the map.

Help please.

It says to change the country but does not offer me the option of Hong Kong.
If I make a new ID - which I did - with a Hong Kong country - it gives me the same error.


  • Niall
    Niall Posts: 11,115

    Sorry to say but your START 60 is not compatible with the Hong Kong map, only the latest WiFi devices are.

    Check the first two characters of your device's serial number here
  • justmebrowsing
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    Your'e actually very lucky you didn't succeed because, as Niall says, that map is not compatible with older devices anyway (although, AFTER THEM BEING TOLD TIME AND AGAIN, the mapshop page makes no mention of this and would have allowed you to buy the map and only afterwards finding out you couldn't use it and having to jump through hoops to get a refund)

    Come on TomTom, FFS it ain't rocket science!