Get factory reset file for XL IQ Routes (N14644)

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I have formatted my TomTom without a backup and now it's not recognized from TomTom Home and there is a white cross on red background during the power on. Is there an URI where I can download all the files to do a factory reset?


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    Yes, @EthoZ I know that my device is not longer supported, but I don't want a new map or a new software upgrade, I think that in some remote server with a lot of dust located in the Tom Tom data center there is the repository that contains all the files I need. Hope that some Tom Tom Moderatore could help me :pray_tone1:
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    Hi veneres,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Please see the public FAQ here to troubleshoot the connection between your device & TomTom HOME: Device not recognised by TomTom HOME (Last section here> Select TTH doesn't recognise>You'll get the instructions below)

    Cheers, lampard
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    Hi @lampard,
    Thank you! I had already tried that procedure 3 days ago and, only to be sure, I've retried after your post (see photos below) but nothing happened and my device is still not recognized. What can I do?
    Thank you

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    Hi veneres,

    at the root of the TT-Volume create a text-file named "ttgo.bif" and insert the following lines with a text-editor of your own choose:

    DeviceName=TomTom XL
    DeviceVersionHW=ONE XL (v9)
    DeviceUniqueID=AABBC DDEEF

    where DeviceSerialNumber and DeviceUniqueID you can find at the bottom of your device (near by the USB-Port). The Device-Serial Number maybe start with a P or R.

    Now exit and start TTHome again.