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Rider 550 and Google Assistant

FlashmasterFlashmaster Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Can anyone please help me ?

TTR550 With latest software installed from 2/8/18.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ - also latest software version.

Everything is connected up fine via Mydrive - traffic, messages and see who is calling.

Everything works apart from making an outbound call.

To make a call TT say you should press the phone button on the TT which will trigger the relevant assistant on the phone (Google or Siri).

In my case this only happens when the phone screen is on and illuminated (which obviously defeats the point).
As soon as the phone screen goes off the TT cannot trigger Google Assistant Voice Activation.

Google Assistant itself is set up correctly to work when the screen is off because when I use the verbal command "ok Google" with the screen off the assistant opens up just fine and awaits my voice command.

Anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve ??


  • PichulecPichulec Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Same here with galaxy s7 edge.
  • FlashmasterFlashmaster Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for replying.

    My wife has the GS7 Edge and I tried it on her phone and it didn't work on that either.

    However my understanding is that Google Assistant only works on the S7 when the screen is active or the phone is plugged in (something to do with power saving on the GS7).

    Are you able to trigger the Google Assistant on your S7 using the "OK Google" verbal command while the screen is off ?
    I cant trigger the assistant verbally on my wife's while the screen is inactive so I would suspect the TomTom is also unable to trigger it while screen off on the S7.

    However on the S8 (my phone) the "OK google" command works just fine when the screen is off so the TomTom should be able to trigger it.

  • Ste7iosSte7ios Posts: 758
    Power saving is the most common source of such problems on Android.

    Power saving in general keep apps and other process from running, etc. Anything to save precious battery power.

    TomTom can't do nothing about it but you may configure power saving not to intervent on some processes / apps or turn it off completely (not suggested)...

    See here:

    Try one at a time or all of them if needed.

    Also see: https://support.google.com/android/answer/7664358
  • BATT550BATT550 Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    And it's works.
    Android has a way to keep your screen
    in the vicinity of your TT550 open.

    1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
    2. Turn on TomTom Rider
    3. go to mobile phone, SETTINGS
    4. Then in LOCK SCREEN,
    5. and in SMART LOCK
    7. Add Trusted Devices
    8. Select Rider 550

    As long as your phone is near your TomTom,
    your phone will not lock it's screen.
    As soon as you get too far from your 550, or it's switched off, the phone locks itself as usual.
  • MakoShark2MakoShark2 Posts: 11 [Legendary Explorer]
    Mine (Mi 9T) says disabling the lock screen is only for selected devices like fitness and smart watches, so kind of pointless.

    Yet another feature that worked well on older units and that we lost...

    Wish I got a Garmin instead.
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