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I recently got a 2nd hand Renault which has a Carminat navigation onboard.
Car is aproximately 4yrs old and so are maps on SD card.
I inserted card to computer and try to perform the one free upgrade which was not available (90 days from first connection or smth like that). I decided to purchase maps directly from TomTom HOME. Process was going OK until I have to make payment. I always get same error message. I tried to use MyDrive, too, which obviously does not support Carminat, there is just one very old Start 20 device available.
I read few posts rearding this problem and one suggested to purchase maps directly on tomtom online store and product should be available just to transfer to device trough HOME application. Here site says that my shopping cart is full but also states that it is empty.
Can now anybody suggest how can I update my maps? I cannot do it over HOME, MyDrive nor on-line store...

And if I ever manage to actually buy map update, will it be available for Carminat AND Start20 device or just for one? Well...i believe I know the answer to this one already, but... :)


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    Hi JakaZ,

    your guess is correct ... you can't use a purchased Map on two Devices. ;)

    The correct way for your Carminat is actually to buy Maps via TTHome, because TTHome choose the right Map-Version for your Device. The Online-Shop sometimes don't choose the correct Map-Version.

    The first four digits of the Map-Version is a consecutive number. It is increased by five every new Map. The last four digits after the point describe the Type of Map. There are different Maps-Types for different Devices.

    MyDriveConnect is for NAV3 and above. Your Carminat is a NAV2-Device. TTHome is the right and only Application for Update and Purchase.

    Try to call the TomTom-Support for your Country and they could assign the right Map to your account. After that you can download it. They can help at trouble with Payment too.